family of six | toronto family photographer

I met this family of six for the first time late last month.  During our initial email discussions, I was taken with how one of the adults described the six of them: as a blended family which included an in-law, a nephew and a “wonderful caregiver”.  And while some may say “of course that’s a family” (and they’d be right), I love that they are each other’s immediate family.  That the cousins are able to grow up so closely.  That the children’s caregiver is so obviously close to them all.  That all four adults are involved with the two boys’ day-to-day.  Because after all, there is truth in that old saying “it takes a village to raise a child”.  Add into all of this the obvious love between them all, and the heaps of laughter all afternoon, and it all made for a memorable and fun session.

I also loved the location.  Those that know me know I love beauty in many forms and have a particular interest in architecture (if only math had come more easily!).  So aside from being able to admire the beautiful house itself, I especially enjoyed learning about the house’s uniqueness in terms of energy efficiency and passive architecture.  See and learn for yourself here:





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