#52saturdaymornings | toronto children and family photographer



6/52 – I’m late, this week, to post my last Saturday morning.  I’ve been busy editing two galleries, and my law work was super hectic this week also.  Toss in the usual panoply of weekend sporting events, a dinner party and car pooling duties the last few nights and the week has been a blur.

I finally sat down to upload and look at the personal pictures from February 7, and here is last Saturday morning.  It was my birthday, and my husband snapped the shot at our kitchen table as the kids sang “happy birthday” to me.  (They spared me the “are you 1? are you 2? are you …?  as a special request for the birthday girl).  This was the only shot that was remotely in focus 😉 . It’s far from perfect – at least two of us are still wearing parts of what we slept in, those with the longest hair haven’t brushed it yet, and I’m pretty sure I may have uttered “no cupcakes until you’ve brushed your teeth” to at least one of my crew –  but it’s perfectly me and my kids.



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