#53saturdaymornings | toronto family photographer

20160716-TDB_9810shweb29/52 – Saturday morning before a day of soccer, and a day before we all go off in different directions for vacations.  S. to camp, which he’s done before.  II and IO to their Auntie’s which they have not done before.  And M and I to France for 10 days, which we’ve not done before.

I’ve never been without any one of you for this long.  All three of you are excited to be off on your respective adventures.  And we too are excited but apprehensive also.  The world has become a crazy place; just in the past few days that’s hit home again.  As a parent, you think twice (and many more times too) about being without your kids.  But I keep telling your dad that we must live too.  So, allons-y!


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