#52weeksofmamaandme | toronto family photographer

15/52 – Oh, April.  You’ve been a long month.  I keep hearing about how the weather is turning around, how the magnolia and cherry blossoms are out and how you wore shorts to school two days this week.  I’ve seen none of it.  I’m preparing for hearings for the past three weeks,  leaving before you arise and getting home after you’ve been in bed.  The month has truly passed me by.  I’m tired inside and out and my mantra, said over and over again in my head, is “after May 6th it will lighten up”.

To the three of you, I’ve made all sorts of promises about fun things we will do “after May 6th”.  School runs, lazy weekend days, being home for dinner.  May 6th can’t come quickly enough.

Tonight, when I got home and sneaked into your room thinking I’d give sleeping you a bedtime “kiss and tuck”, you were sitting up in bed waiting for me.  You asked if we could have a dance party “after May 6th”.

“For sure we can, doll.  But why not now too?”

And so, hours after your bedtime, and before I had changed or eaten dinner, we danced.


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