My favourite photographs are the ones that make me feel. Ones that document or capture something visceral and slightly intangible or make me me long for yesterday and leave me feeling a bit bittersweet. I love how powerful and compelling it is to hold a photograph that captures these moments and that show the essence of a child's spirit or the love, tenderness and personality quirks that complete your family. These are the images I love. That I strive to create with you.


What else do I love? Sundresses, warm rain, and being barefoot. Early mornings rather than late evenings. The sound of my kids' laughs, sunrises, rain on a cottage tin roof and the call of the loon on a northern Ontario lake. Strong black coffee, vodka martinis and peanut butter and chocolate ice cream. Some of these things have been a part of my favourite photographs. I'd love to learn what would make up yours and to see if we can create images that will become your favourites.