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20130915-TDB_3324-EditChildren and families make my heart sing.  From the little baby parts, first yawns and smiles, to the early movers, to the bonds between siblings and parents and children to the special looks between couples, I adore it all. And as a photographer, as well as a parent, I know how powerful and compelling it is to hold a portrait that captures these moments and that show the essence of a child’s spirit or the love, tenderness and personality quirks that complete your family.

My style is pretty simple: I use a bit of the traditional and classic approach and mix it up with modern, life-style portraiture, on location or in your home, both indoors and out.  The result is candid and bright, clean and classic, lighthearted and fun portraits that are thoroughly unique and you.

What else?  I love sundresses, warm rain, and being barefoot (can you tell I’m dreaming of warmer weather!).  I am an excellent campfire builder but a horrible athlete.  I prefer early mornings to late evenings, sunrises to sunsets.  I am more than slightly obsessed with Pinterest and Instagram.  My favourite sounds in the world are my kids’ laughs, rain on a cottage tin roof and the call of the loon on a northern Ontario lake. I love strong black coffee and vodka martinis and believe that many ails may be cured by peanut butter and chocolate ice cream.  That about covers everything!

I love my work and families tell me that it shows in my portraits. Take a look around and see if you agree. If you do, I look forward to hearing from you!



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