#52saturdaymornings | toronto children and family photographer


20150131-TDB_6580-Edit 5/52 – My middle kiddo, my older daughter, is my book worm.  She absolutely loves to read, and she reads anything she can get her hands on, both fiction and non-fiction.  Each night she begs for more time before “lights out” and is regularly caught sneaking a book and a flash light under the covers long after final goodnights have been wished and “one more” kisses and hugs have been given.

She received many books for Christmas but soared quickly through them all.  She then proceeded to read each of the ones her older brother received.  Finally this week she asked if I would take her to the bookstore this weekend and if she could please buy more with her Christmas money.

So between hockey and soccer games, we went this morning.  We were there a loooong time; she chose and re-chose and considered again which ones to buy.  All the while rechecking how much money she had in her purse, and redoing the math as to how many she could buy.

She’s been super happy about her choices all day.  And I’m quite certain that if I were to tip toe up to her room I would find her now, an hour past “lights out”, reading one of them by the light of the hall light.


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