#52saturdaymornings | toronto children and family photographer


10/52 – When I was about eight years old my paternal grandmother taught me how to knit.  “Nana Helen” was my favourite person as a young girl and I adored the time I got to spend with her, especially the whole week each summer.  She was many wonderful things, but I especially remember what a beautiful knitter she was and how pleased I was when she would patiently sit with me and teach me how to knit, purl, cast on and cable.  I’ve never been as fast or productive a knitter as she was and my tension is not nearly as perfect, but over the years I’ve knit blankets for each of my kids, my niece, my nephews and even some special friends’ children.  Lately I stick to newborn hats and props 🙂  My older daughter is about the age I was when Nana first taught me how to knit, and I love that my daughter recently asked me to teach her.  I hope the time will one day hold the same sweet memories for her as my childhood lessons do for me.


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