#52saturdaymornings | toronto children and family photographer



21/52 – This guy turned 10 today. Ten.years.old. A whole decade old. “Double digits now” he tells me. How did that time slip away?  How is it possible that he was born a full ten years ago?  That I became a mother for the first time ten full years ago?  That ten years ago I held a tiny, 6lb, 6 oz, three weeks early babe in my arms and wondered “now what do I do”?

So much has happened over the past ten years.  Twice more I’ve become a mama.  But he’s the one that started it all.  He is thoughtful.  He is kind.  He is soulful.  He is a striker, a goalie, a chess player, a fisher.  He loves math and music and his friends and the two little sisters who adore him.  And if I am a better person, it is, in large part, because of him.



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