#52saturdaymornings | toronto children’s photographer


30/52 – We picked S up at camp this morning.  His second year attending and this time for two weeks. He loves it there. He’s a camp kid through and through. After his week last year, he would occasionally tell me “I dreamt of camp last night, mom.” The buddy he went with last year didn’t love it as much and S announced he would go back alone.  But I was happy to learn two other friends were attending for two weeks. So off he went.

His sisters missed him terribly. When little IO saw him she started running. He obliged her enthusiasm and gave her a big bear hug, which pleased her so. His dad and I missed him too, but it’s just so great knowing that he’s off doing something so good for him to do – to test his independence, to meet new people and try new things. And, especially for a kid who spends every spare moment from September to June playing hockey or soccer, to do something “else”. He was missing it terribly this evening; missing the friends and the counsellors and the food and “just everything about it” as he told me. Wenonah is becoming his happy place. And that’s alright with me.


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