#52saturdaymornings | toronto children’s photographer

20151121-TDB_4258-Edit47/52 – You went on your very first solo, non-family-member sleepover last night. It was with your Sparks troupe. A “pirate sleepover theme” complete with hats, “The Pirate and the Fairy” movie, and a treasure chest with “crystals” to find and keep. You had been counting down the days for the last two weeks. As my littlest, you seemed particularly young to be venturing off into the realm of such “big kid” territory. But there was no question in my mind that you were ready: you barely said good bye when your brother and sister and I dropped you off last night, and you were the first to try to comfort one of your friends who was a little less sure about leaving her mom behind for the night. This morning you were all smiles, showing off some of your pirate loot and excitedly recounting your adventures. And so it continues. You’re growing up, and I’m just so lucky to be one of the ones who get to watch and smile.


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