#52saturdaymornings | toronto (and new york!) children’s photographer

20151128-TDB_4484-Edit48/52 – Saturday morning in SOHO. We’ve been in Manhattan since Wednesday. A trip planned for the past 5 months, but almost rescheduled a few times due to work commitments and the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. Suddenly, no where in the world seems particularly safe, and the idea of coming here on the busiest weekend of the year seemed a bit foolhardy. But I’m glad we did. We’ve wanted to show you New York for ages now. And this week, coming into the anniversary of your grandpa’s passing, I wanted to show you the NYC he loved too. Weekend brunch at Balthazar is a tradition of ours; whenever we are in the city we come here, “just because”.  It’s infamous, of course.  But I like too that it connects me to your grandpa who suggested it so many years ago to us on our first visit to the city that never sleeps.


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