twilight dips | kawarthas children and family photographer

There is something magical about the cottage.  No matter what else is going on in my life, I relax as soon as I see the lake.  But I won’t lie – with little, little kids, it can be tough.  Or at least it was for us.  The constant vigilance near the water, where they all wanted to be, all the time, but where they couldn’t be alone (or didn’t want to be).  Those first few years were anything but relaxing during any of the hours when they were awake.

But then it suddenly changed.  Last year it fell into place.  Last year, my husband stopped talking about selling “the money pit” every time we spent time there.  All at once,  our littlest didn’t want to be held all.the.time in the water (and with a life jacket on, doesn’t need to be).  And when the oldest suddenly developed into a strong swimmer.  And when they all “get” the rules, and while they have to be watched and supervised, it’s a more leisurely kind of supervision.

It’s still a money pit.  Certainly a cottage is an emotional decision not a good financial one.  But when the air is hot, the water is warm and the loons are calling, there is nothing like supervising, now from a muskoka chair, a twilight dip.




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