#52weeksofmamaandme | Toronto family photographer

16/52 – Saturday, May 6. After a long 6 weeks of working all.the.time it was time to chill and do a lot of nothing. While I feel like I barely saw any of them the last month, it was this one that seemed to change these past weeks. Suddenly my first born is out on his own with his friends, calling every couple of hours to check in but otherwise gone all day long. I remember the first time he left my sight with someone not a family member – it was under the able and careful watch of our first nanny and as they turned the alley corner behind our house, my heart went into my throats a bit. It’s a little the same to see him leave, alone, exercising his newfound independent and freedom. Always my baby. But now an almost 12 year old one with all gangly limbs and barely time to stay in one spot long enough for a picture with mom. I’d like a nice one. I have the shot planned in my mind’s eye. But I’m realizing that hanging with mom and waiting for pictures is no longer a desired priority for him; it may be a while before I am able to execute it. So I’m committed to snapping the ones of us I can in the meantime. The perfect shot will come. But he’s growing too quickly to put off all others until it happens.


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